The Bolivian Amphibian Initiative is a project aiming to protect, monitor, and generate information on endangered species in Bolivia with a focus on species in the high Andean region. This project made up of 4 components:

1. Teaching the local community about amphibians and the threats causing their decline while providing training in herpetological methods for park-guards, young biologists, and the general public.
2. Research providing data on amphibian diversity, ecology, and natural history.
3. Education programs designed for local communities, schools and staff working in protected areas.
4. Developing a captive breeding strategy for threatened species that is the first of its kind in Bolivia.

The Bolivian amphibian initiative works as a project of the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny and Fundacion para las ciencias

BAI updates

 Dear friends,
The Bolivian Amphibian Initiative (BAI) wants to inform you that this last period have been several changes and there will be restructurations in the work we do.
First, we want to let you know that the Captive Breeding Center that we started and maintained for all these years is now being managed by the Alcide d'Orbigny Natural History Museum in Cochabamba and BAI will no longer be involved with this center.
Therefore, in the specific case of the Campaign of the Sehuencas frog, Romeo. BAI will no longer be part of this campaign, which is now managed by Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), to whom we wish the best of luck and we really hope that Romeo can have the opportunity we were looking for for so many years.
BAI will continue to work on the basis of solid principles for the conservation of amphibians in Bolivia. Our work will focus on the field in wide collaboration with local communities through research and monitoring of species, we will also work hard on the education component with local communities and society in general. We will also expand our training efforts by sharing our experiences and what we have learned during all this time, in this way more people will be able to work for the conservation of Bolivian amphibians. Thank you very much for following us and for all the unconditional support.
Very soon we will have more news!
Bolivian Amphibian Initiative

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