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Frogs neeed your help, you can help us to make a difference; there are different ways to help us in the conservation of amphibians


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Became a volunteer

If you would like volunteer with us you are more than welcome. There are many aspects to this project, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers with different backgrounds, ranging from biology to art and everywhere in between.

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Want to do research? You can join us in the field and work in amazing locations while obtaining important data for amphibian conservation. There are also laboratory opportunities involving research with captive populations of threatened amphibians.


Interested in education? We need volunteers who are interested in helping to educate local communities about the current issues afflicting amphibian populations worldwide. Help us to teach the general public about the importance of these amazing creatures while emphasizing how we can assist in their preservation and recovery in Bolivia and throughout the world.

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If working directly with frogs in a laboratory environment sounds interesting to you then our captive breeding program may be just what you are looking for! We are currently maintaining and breeding some of the most threatened species in Bolivia!

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We are also looking for volunteers with experience in the following areas:

Teaching English – For work in local rural communities

General Educators – Especially those with a science background in order to effectively teach basic scientific concepts to school-children and the general public


Eco-Tourism – Volunteers with a background in eco-tourism and eco-tourism related activities including grant writing are needed to help the initiative expand and grow.

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The future grows brighter with each person that learns about the importance of conserving our natural world and its resources. If you are interested in becoming an intern at Bolivian Amphibian Initiative and are truly passionate about conservation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open to organizing exciting new internship opportunities with opportunities to work in various localities throughout Bolivia in varying sectors including research, social work, eco-tourism, management, and more!

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If you are interested to support the project and the different activities inside the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative, please contact us (