Psychrophrynella illimani project

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Bolivian Frog Psychrophrynella illimanismall

The critically endangered frog Psychrophrynella illimani is known just from one locality and not found again since 2002. Information as distribution, ecology and natural history was unknown. By combining field research, education and capacity building, we hope to safeguard this frog and to increase public awareness. Increasing our scientific knowledge about the species, identifying current and potential threats are of major importance for effective conservation. In the meantime we interact with local stakeholders and communities to increase awareness, conserve and improve habitat quality. Local biology students and volunteers are involved during this work to promote future conservation initiatives.


                                                                                     Psychrophrynella illimani in the type locality



BW3_ 6236

                                                                                            A male individual of Psychrophrynella illimani


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Psychrophrynella illimani calling from Bert Willaert on Vimeo.