Positive Impact of Covid-19 to Our Environment

While world’s population keeps on battling the outbreak of Coronavirus, our planet carries on as usual. And whether you believe it or not, the outbreak seems to be a good influencer to its healing. Let us admit the fact that the human activity slowed down in literally everything from industrial, business and many things in between.

This as a result brought a positive impact on our environment which includes but not limited to the decrease in air pollution because of the less carbon guzzling planes flying in the sky as well as less fuel burned by cars driven on the road. In the next paragraphs, we are going to identify other beneficial environmental effects of Covid-19. If you want to, you can use it in your own YouTube channel and buy YouTube views to give it a boost.

A Decrease to Air Pollution

Due to the reason that industrial activity slowed down as a result of lockdown restrictions, there were new satellite imagery from European Space Agency showing that levels of air pollution in Italy and China remarkably dropped down compared to last year. Satellites that were orbiting Earth also found lowered nitrogen-dioxide emissions over China and lowered air pollution over Italy.

Levels of air pollution in the UK dropped as well. truth is, there are some cities that have seen a 60 percent fall of nitrogen dioxide.

Less Flight Bookings

As a matter of fact, international air travel is among the biggest source of climate emissions all over the world. Since the implementation of travel restrictions worldwide, there’s been a massive drop in the number of commercial flights, with several airlines grounding majority of their fleet.

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has cleaned our sky with one clear benefit of lessening air pollution. Past studies even found that air travel is adding up around 5 percent of global warming. So while flight drops may be temporary, it is certain that it gives our planet an opportunity to take a break from these types of pollution.

Venice Canals Cleared Up

Venice is famous for its canals. And it’s been in its clearest now since 60 years ago. This is all because of the drop in tourist and pollution levels in Italian city. With fewer boats on canals, the once grey and murky waters are now crystal clear.