Telmatobius culeus

Telmatobius culeus (Garman, 1876)


Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Telmatobiidae > Genus: Telmatobius > Species: Telmatobius culeus



Telmatobius culeus culeus Vellard, 1953
Cyclorhamphus culeus Garman, 1876
Telmatobius culeus Barbour and Noble, 1920
Telmatobius culeus albiventris Parker, 1940
Telmatobius culeus exsul Vellard, 1953
Telmatobius culeus dispar Vellard, 1953
Telmatobius culeus escomeli Vellard, 1953
Telmatobius culeus fluviatilis Vellard, 1953
Telmatobius culeus lacustris Vellard, 1953
Telmatobius culeus albiventris Schmidt, 1954
Telmatobius culeus parkeri Schmidt, 1954
Telmatobius culeus punensis Schmidt, 1954
Telmatobius culeus albiventris Vellard, 1992
Telmatobius culeus globulosus Vellard, 1992
Telmatobius culeus lacustris Vellard, 1992
Telmatobius culeus crawfordi Vellard, 1992


English names:

Titcaca water frog



(1) Snout-vent length of males to 120 mm, females to 138 mm; (2) head in lateral profile depressed, with pointed snout; (3) snout subacuminate in dorsal view;(4) lips flared; (5) postcommisural gland present or absent; (6) tympanum not visible; a strong supratympanic fold; (7) forelimb of male normal, without humeral spine; (8) nuptial spicules minute; nuptial pads covering most of the internal surface of thumb and part of inner palmar tubercle; (9) webbing variable, from 1/2 to 2/3 of the toe lengths; plantar surface smooth; (10) tarsal fold present, well marked; (11) dorsal skin mostly smooth, extremely baggy in thighs and flanks, especially in large specimens; (12) dorsum highly variable, gray, brown or greenish-brown, with or without a pattern of pale yellow, gray, or white dots; (13) venter, throat, and ventral surfaces of limbs white or gray, with or without a marbled, irregular pattern of dark and light dots; (14) iris pale brown, with minute black flecks (De La Riva, 2005).

Type locality:

Not defined in the original description [“Lago Titicaca, off Achacache (= Achacachi)” (La Paz, Bolivia) (FROST, 1985); “Proximidades de Isla del Sol” (La Paz, Bolivia) (VELLARD, 1953), Departamento La Paz, Bolivia, ca. 3810 m](De La Riva, 2005).


Bolivia, Peru

Lake Titicaca. It has also been found in Lago Saracocha, the Laguna Arapa, the Río Ilave





IUCN:                                CR

Bolivian Red Book:        CR

CITES:                              NO


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