Natural Resources: Going Gone


Our environment is our home. We build everything on it, whether structures or memories. The environment gives us a safe and efficient place to live in. It is everyone’s haven because of the unbelievable resources it can actually provide.


Our houses are within the so called environment. Technically and literally, it composes of land and natural resources. These resources we enjoy are the same resources our ancestors had during their lives and it should be the same resources the future generations should have when they live theirs.


Having said this, it is very important to think of the future generations when we utilize the natural resources. We have to ask ourselves, are we using it effectively and efficiently? Because we better have to or everyone will be affected.


Today, the natural resources are kind of depleting. It is because of the massive development happening all around the world. Agricultural lands being converted into commercial lands, flattening of mountains for commercial use as well, deforestation and not replacing those trees that are being cut, and even the products that we use that contains harmful chemicals also affect the environment. The scarcity is nit just due to economic reasons but also because of the way we use the resources our environment is giving us.


We have to keep in our minds that if it becomes late to take good care of what we have right now, it will not be as easy as hiring a professional from a company like شركة التقوي للخدمات المنزلية, to fix the the problem especially if it is arising and a cumulative one. Sad to say, most of the impacts we give to our environment are irreversible. A lot of times it cannot be changed or put back to normal, or if there is still a chance, it will require us a hundred years to gain what is lost.