Understanding Air Pollution

The world is becoming more crowded and as a result, making our climate hotter. Industrial engines keep pumping out unfiltered emissions and half of the world has no access to clean fuels or even technologies. The air we breathe is gradually becoming more polluted and dangerous to someone’s health. Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air, which is responsible for killing 7 million people annually.

Air Pollution and its Impact on People’s Health

1/3 of deaths from lung cancer, heart disease and stroke are triggered by air pollution. This has the equivalent effect to smoking tobacco and a lot higher than the effects of consuming too much salt. Air pollution is inevitable, regardless of your social status and location, you’d be breathing it whether you like it or not.

The microscopic pollutant present in the air could slip past the body’s defense and eventually, penetrate deep in our circulatory and respiratory system. If people would not take action against it, it will soon damage our brain, lungs and heart in the process.

Not because You don’t See it, it’s not there

Simply because you are not seeing smog in the air, doesn’t mean that the air you are breathing is healthy. Throughout the world, both villages and cities see toxic pollutant in the air that is exceeding the annual value being recommended by World Health Organization’s guidelines for air quality.

To assist people in having a better understanding of how polluted the air is on where they live, UN Environment, Climate and Clean Air Coalition Breathe Life campaign and WHO has designed an online pollution meter.

The Types of Air Pollution

There are two different kinds of air pollution and these are ambient air pollution which is the ones outdoor and household or the indoor air pollution. Both outdoor and indoor air pollution is contributing to each other since air is moving outside buildings, to its interior and vice versa. This is a subject that should be taken immediate action whether you are running Minecraft survival servers, managing a restaurant and whatnot, everyone is responsible for ensuring that we are contributing the least air pollution to the planet.