Environment and Video Games


Since its inception, the video game industry has grown exponentially. It’s making more money than Hollywood, Bollywood, and the global music industry combined – see the best site to sell csgo skins. Nearly 3 billion people on the planet, whether on computers, consoles or smartphones, are playing or already playing video games. But now, making video games also pollutes playing them.

This observation created the program Playing for the Planet on September 23, 2019. Supported by the United Nations, it currently brings together about 20 influential video game players from Microsoft, Sony, Google Stadia, Twitch, Ubisoft, and more. .. They all aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from product design to recycling of older devices and raise player awareness of climate issues.

Some consider it a communication campaign aimed at making the image of these giants more environmentally friendly, while others prefer to welcome the progress achieved thanks to this program. Probably.


Sony uses less energy, MICROSOFT “CARBON NEGATIVE”

In terms of ecotechnology, Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that future consoles (PlayStation 5) will use much less energy than current consoles. Did. Specifically, the standby consumption is 0.5 watts compared to the current 8.5 watts for PlayStation 4. Therefore, Sony states that it will avoid additional 29 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030.

Microsoft is already working on the production of carbon-neutral consoles and hopes to go further and become “carbon negative” by 2030. In fact, the American giant has announced that its goal is to reduce supply chain-related emissions and value chains. An additional 50% promise to publish an annual report that reflects their efforts in this area.

Finally, Ubisoft in France has promised to source materials only from eco-friendly factories. SportsInteractive will use a recycling package to sell future versions of the Football Manager game … This saves 20 tons of unwanted plastic during manufacturing.


No more playing on the planet, let’s play!

As more and more studios bring environmental issues to the forefront to educate gamers, video game content is also making progress. This is the case for Varsav Game Studio with Bee Simulator. This allows players to slip into the bee skin and recognize the important role this pollen mater plays in our environment.

You can also mention World Rescue for Android, a sustainable development-inspired game supported by UNESCO and the Institute for Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. In this game, the player is facing deforestation. Drought or pollution in different countries of the world.

During the Green Mobile Game Jam last spring, 11 well-known mobile game studios communicated their commitment through the game. Among them is the famous Angry Birds 2 from the Finnish studio Rovio. It currently provides players with links that explain how to participate in reforestation efforts. Subway Surfers (Sybo), the world’s most downloaded game, has developed a series of stages that encourage players to fight global warming. Finally, the successful racing game Hill Climb Racing 2 (Fingersoft) invites players to build solar panel-powered electric and hybrid racing cars.